Based in Amsterdam, ThreatFabric experts have been actively helping the financial industry to fight cyber-crime over more than a decade.

ThreatFabric provides banks with the expertise and tools to pro-actively detect known and unknown threats in order to mitigate fraud and deflect risk. With use of our custom analysis and detection capabilities response to complex cyber threats has become simple and efficient.


Threatfabric works with two solutions: Mobile Threat Intelligence (MTI) and Client Side Detection (CSD) 


MTI (Mobile Threat Intelligence) is the perfect combination of dark-web investigations and malware analysis to empower you with visibility on the mobile threat landscape, enabling prevention of attacks and deflection of risk.

MTI is the Cyber Threat Intelligence solution that provides the imperative insight on the mobile threat landscape to prevent threat actors from being successful. Real-time threat intelligence to empower banks in pro-actively preventing fraud, keeping risk levels to the bare minimum and preserving the customer experience.

MTI knows how to prevent malware from performing fraud and get visibility in the mobile threat landscape:

  • Intelligence feeds (STIX/TAX||)
  • Malware family reports
  • Threat intelligence portal & API
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Direct expert access
  • Personal threat reports


CSD (Client Side Detection) is the balanced combination between behavior analysis and malware detection integrated in a flexible and powerful detection solution to detect known and unknown threats on devices in real-time.

Client Side Detection is the solution to detect threats and rate risk of customer devices while remaining completely invisible to the end-user. Being outside the security perimeter, customer devices represent a considerable weakness in the security chain. CSD fulfills the gap by providing the capability to detect abnormal behavior on both web and mobile channels.

CSD helps you to integrate flawlessly with existing services to detect malware and get real-time insight on infected devices

  • Managed detection service
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Agentless and invisble to customers
  • Risk status and malware detection
  • Easy and live configuration update
  • Connection with risk and fraud engines

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