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Trifork is a leading full service supplier of high-quality custom-built applications and end-to-end solutions. Providing a lean approach to support each phase of the project life-cycle from idea creation, development and to ongoing maintenance and support.

Background information

They aim to empower their customers by providing expert advice on the optimization of business critical IT systems and cutting-edge technology. Enabling their customers to seamlessly integrate and use these technologies – bringing immediate value to their customers’ business and customers.
Trifork delivers solutions for the educational, finance, public, healthcare, manufacturing and telecom industries.

MISSION: to empower their customers by bringing new technology and know-how into use
The task is to know the customers’ domain area, know the technological development, know the risk factors and find the right timing to make the change. Trifork develops, sells and delivers mission critical IT-systems in a way that brings immediate value to its customers’ business and employees. Trifork develops innovative software products, customer specific solutions, software conferences and agile products. Trifork delivers and supports mission critical cloud based services.

VISION: leading software innovation by being the first to bring pioneering technology solutions to their customers. Trifork’s vision is to be known as the company that inspires and advises on the optimization of business critical IT systems and future cutting-edge technology innovations. Enabling their customers to seamlessly integrate and put them to use.

VALUES: making a difference with a high level of competency passionate performance culture. 

At Trifork, they try to actively influence the development of the society they're part of. Therefore, they are very open to new collaborations; new business areas and new initiatives. Trifork focuses on being close to their customers and integrate them in their development process. Trifork wants to make a difference in the work they are doing.

The nature of their employees is to maintain a very high level of competence. Most of their employees are trainers on the courses they hold at their locations. They constantly work on attracting the right competence to their company. Trifork is a company with passionate colleagues, customers and partners. Trifork becomes deeply engaged in the clients, projects and technology they work with.

PROMISE: customer first approach and world class innovation. Triforks value proposition is delivered to their clients in a consistent manner, seamless integration with local project management, in order to ensure world-class customer service and satisfaction. Trifork provides their customers with a transparent business model and coordinated project team and management with respect to the implementation and support for all their solutions.
This approach encompasses their principles of: Speed and Precision, Integrity and Enthusiasm & Exceeding expectations

Company culture

Trifork is always on the look-out for people who combine a passion for technology with an ability to perform as team players: an obvious consequence of their company values.

Developers choose to work for Trifork because there are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills, to grow and take own initiative in all aspects. And you will receive an excellent salary and a company pension plan.


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Sakai Developer

With many new and exciting projects underway, Trifork Amsterdam is now looking for passionate and talented people. Trіfоrk experts develop business-critical enterprise solutions using open source software. We work with open-source technologies that are state-of-the-art, yet have a solid and proven base.

Trifork Amsterdam
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