USoft is an organization with solid Dutch roots and international ambitions and customers. With their high quality software products, they provide solutions that meets the challenges and needs of the customer. They enable organisations to become smarter and more efficient in their business processes. They are experts in areas including privacy, customer experience and real-time decision making. In addition to their portfolio, USoft provides the integration platform for BioTrust, their sister company and global provider of multimodal biometric authentication solutions.

Background information

USoft has offices in The Netherlands, Serbia and the UK. One of the key solutions is real-time decision-making. With this software USoft enables organisations to analyse vast amounts of seemingly unrelated data from different sources in real-time.

USoft is a global software provider with 30 years of experience. Their truly low-code development platform allows you to simply model your ideas while working software is automatically created by the platform. 

Their software uses the concept of business rules which contributes to flexibility, ready to test and optimise and to align with the required business value. It is built on the concept that even complex software should be easy to build and maintain. Furthermore, their Service Framework makes it easy to connect to other applications. 

They serve a broad range of customers in the sectors of financial services, healthcare, aviation, transportation and government.

Working at USoft

At USoft everyone is always working for a better performance of their products and for their customers. Content-driven and inspired by their environment, every employee contributes to this. What USoft offers is challenging work to completely throw yourself into. There is ample space to discover and apply your individual talent(s), and develop them further. You can grow every day. The atmosphere is one of mutual respect where the employees encompass their products and customers like a family. They organize almost everything on the basis of self-steering (in teams) and individual responsibility. Hierarchy is only present when completely necessary. Working for them, means working for both USoft and BioTrust.


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